About Us

Our candles are not your ordinary candles. They are handcrafted with love and infused with a touch of mystery and fun. From the scents to the packaging, every aspect of our candles is designed to transport you to a different time and place.

two cats cuddling

About the Brand

The Secret Cat Candles brand was inspired by a dream Bethanie had of a cat cafe in the form of a speakeasy. With her beloved cat, Secret (white cat on the right), by her side, the name Secret Cat Candles came naturally.

Left to right: Rocket and Secret cuddling

selfie of woman with yellow sweater, white glasses, red lipstick, blond hair in victory rolls.

About the Owner

Bethanie has always been a creative soul with a passion for art and design. After discovering her love for candle-making during the pandemic, she honed her craft for three years before finally deciding to share her unique creations with the world.

At Secret Cat Candles, we value personal connections and believe that every candle tells a story. We take pride in being personable and connecting with our customers on a deeper level. So light up a Secret Cat Candle and let the alluring scents and mysterious ambiance whisk you to a world of imagination and creativity.