How To Make A Cute Candle for Your Valentine

How To Make A Cute Candle for Your Valentine

Are you a fan of creating unique and personalized gifts for your loved ones? I have an exciting project that will allow you to showcase your creativity and make something truly special!

Level: Intermediate

For this project, I recycled a store-bought candle into a customized one for my husband. (He loves candles!) It would be a cute way to make a candle for your friends, family, lover, or yourself!






About the candle maker

Bethanie has always been a creative soul passionate about art and design. After discovering her love for candle-making during the pandemic, she honed her craft for three years before finally sharing her unique creations with the world.

glass on it's side with soy wax chunks, wicks, and fragrance oil on a wooden background

Here is what you need

Equipment you’ll need for overall candle-making

  • Pouring pot (not affiliated; this is the cheapest pot available as of 2024)
  • Thermometer (can get cheap at your local grocery store or already have in your home)
  • Scale
  • Measuring cup or beaker
  • Wick stickers
  • Spoon or stirrer
  • Heat gun
  • Candle Warning Label (not affiliated)
  • Optional: Wick Holders (not affiliated; this is the cheapest product available as of 2024)
  • Optional: Travel burner

      Ingredients for this project

      • 4" Diameter Jar (This jar featured is recycled from a store-bought candle! You might also have a candle jar like this lying around in your home 💖)
        • If you'd like a candle jar exactly like this and desire to buy it in bulk, you can get them here.
      • 14 oz of 444 Soy Wax
      • 3 CD 6 OR Eco 10 Wicks
      • 1 oz Rose scented Fragrance Oil (Here is what I used!)
        • Note: that you can use different fragrance oils for your candles. Avoid using untested essential oils with this recipe. I am not responsible for any issues that may arise if you use other fragrances or essential oils, such as an undesirable scent or a fire.
      • Heart Mold
      • Roses Mold
      • 2.5" x 3" Blank Sticker Labels
      • Mica - with glittery specks of course 😉

       If this is your first time making a candle, getting everything is going to be a bit pricy, which is why I labeled this one as intermediate. If you are a seasoned crafter, the molds, wax, wicks, and jars might already be in your arsenal. 

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      Here we go!

      Step 1 - Measuring Wax and Fragrance

      You'll need your scale, wax, and fragrance oil for this step. Once you have those together, put the pouring pot on the scale and press tare. 

      You will measure 12 oz of wax or, if you prefer to use grams, 341.2 g.

      Once you have your wax measured out, put that on the stove or your travel burner at medium heat (5-6).

      While your wax liquefies, use a measuring cup or beaker to get your fragrance oil. Load your beaker with .96 oz (27.3 g) and put it to the side for now.

      Note: Your fragrance oil might smell strong out of the bottle (and that’s okay! It will settle and won’t be so strong once the fragrance blends with the wax)

      Step 2 - Adding Colors to Molds

      Once you have measured out your wax and fragrance oil, grab your thermometer and put it in the pot with the wax so you can keep an eye on it. Do not let your wax get above 212 F, or it will start to burn. 

      Take out the molds and grab a small brush and mica. Dip your brush in the mica and rub it into the mold of the roses and hearts. You only need a couple of hearts and about 4-5 roses for this, so there is no need to do all of them. If you run out of time for adding mica to molds during this step, there is an opportunity to do this in step 4.

      Step 3 - Pouring Fragrance Oil

      The mica has been applied to the molds; keep them out; you might need them later. Once your wax has wholly solidified and reached 180 F, you can take it off the burner. Your wax might go up a little higher than 180 F, and that is totally fine. Let it go back down to 180, and then pour in the fragrance oil. Mix for 2 minutes with your spoon or stirring utensil. (yes, it matters; do the whole two minutes)

      Step 4 - Pouring and Adding Wicks

      Once you are done mixing, your wax will be around 150 - 170 F. This particular wax in this recipe recommends pouring at 135 F. With this time, you can add your wicks to your jar. Use the below image for the suggested placement of your wicks:

      Graphic by Lone Star Company

      Once your candle wax has reached 135°F, it's time to pour it into the molds. I recommend pouring the molds first to ensure you don't run out of wax if you pour it into the jar first. Start by pouring the wax into the areas where you added mica. Since these molds are small, this may be a bit challenging. 

      Next, pour the remaining wax into the candle jar until it fills up, and add the wick holders. Make sure the wick holders are straight and level for proper burning. Allow the candle and wax to cool down and melt for at least 8 hours, or overnight.


      Step 5 - Place molds on Candle

      Please check your candle and observe how it solidifies. You might notice some imperfections on the top of your candle but don't worry, it's normal for Soy 444. We can fix it!

      Get your heat gun and set it to the lightest setting. Hold it 6 inches away from the top of your candle, and once you notice it starts to liquefy, stop heating it.

      Take the heart and rose molds and place them wherever you'd like on top of the candle. You can also poke a hole through some of the roses using a small rod or skewer, thread the wick through the rose, and place it accordingly.

      Attach the warning label to the bottom of your candle, and you're done! In two weeks, your candle will be fully cured, and the fragrance will be blended in it.


      Step 6 - Optional Labels

      You have completed making the candle, well done! I am sure you have done an excellent job with it. If you would like to add a personal touch to your candle, you can use a label. I have a design specifically made for this project that you can download and personalize with your or the recipient's name. You can find the product on Avery as Presta T00-1VW. I recommend using 2x2 square labels or 2x3 if you have design skills or your labels.


      If you make this project, share it with us! Send it to our email or on our social media and we would LOVE to put your creations to the world on our channels!

      Instagram: @secretcatcandles

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